Sky's Blogs and Journals 2023

Published on 11 November 2023 at 08:01


I maintain several different blog / journals, currently on Substack.



This blog supports learning Motivational Interviewing and using its idea for professional development as well as personal growth, recovery, and change. This blog frequently shares videos that illuminate the joys and challenges of supporting change.




Fear of Feelings leads to a number of problems and is a significant contributor to the suffering in the world. Having an experiential acceptance, appreciation, and understanding of our feelings and their urges and functions can help us feel less anxious, more free, and more alive. 

This journal that supports Psychodynamic thinking about life, relationships, and culture. 



A journal that explores practical and positive spiritual ideas and practices.

As a pastoral counselor and person in long-term 12-step recovery, my journey towards peace, forgiveness, and self-acceptance has been a long and windy road. This journal supports our challenges on the road to recovering our humanity from a spiritual (and not religious) perspective.



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