Learning MI

Stillpoint WV provides lots of opportunities to advance your practice in MI.

  • Online and live Practice Sessions
  • One-on-one Coaching
  • Review of Recordings
  • Coding of Transcripts

As an evidence-based approach, you can only get the good results that MI indicates if you are close alignment with MI Spirit and Skillfulness.

MI Coaching sessions involve a review of conversations via recording and transcripts.

We use the MITI and the MISC to code recordings and to assess for MI model fidelity.

Contact us to schedule a coaching session at skykershner@gmail.com



We are currently hosting a free Zoom Practice Session most Mondays and Fridays at 9am.

Click here to see the current schedule of meetings

MI workshops are a great way to learn about the principles and techniques of Motivational Interviewing, MI Practice Sessions are a great way to learn how to apply these techniques to real-life situations.

MI Practice Sessions help participants develop Motivational Interviewing skillfulness by practicing MI conversations in a small group setting with peer learners.

In each session, a participant presents a situation where they got stuck using MI. As a group, we start seeing what it would be like to bring an MI informed conversation to the mix. We discuss possible MI strategies, and then try them out in conversations with each other. Members reflect on their conversations and get positive feedback regarding the felt outcome of each conversation. The atmosphere is designed to be one of safety, high interest, and mutual learning.

For more info on WV MI and our Certification track, click here www.kpcc.com/mi-cert

Two MI Practice Session Options

Zoom On-Line or by Phone
For those living far from Charleston, WV, we offer live online groups, and they work really well. Lots of learning with peers from all over the State. Join in from a laptop, desktop or even by phone. Sessions are 60 minutes long. See the schedule below for details.

Live Practice in Charleston
We have a core group of regulars who come to our Charleston group. We meet regularly and the growth and practice is amazing!  These sessions often go 90 minutes. See the schedule below.

Each session stands alone, so come when you can, as often as you like, weekly or monthly or in-between, it’s up to you.  Sessions are 60 – 90 minutes long.

Do I need to know MI first?
Yes, it really helps if you know a little about MI first. Want to take an MI workshop? Go to https://kpcc.com/events

Questions? Contact sky@kpcc.com


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2017 10-Month Cohort, thank you United Way


When do we offer trainings? All the Time!
KPCC offers regular monthly workshops and trainings to help participants learn MI.
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KPCC offers a full Certificate Training Program
We offer four levels of certificate based on your level of experience: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Trainer. In addition, we offer a certificate for those who want to lead a “Families Motivating Recovery” Support Group.
Click here for more information on the program and on how to register.


Who leads the trainings?

Our MI trainings are led by KPCC Director, Sky Kershner.
Sky is a Member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, called MINT. MINT is the only official body of MI.