Besides the Free MI Practice groups and Free MI Snack classes,
I also offers small group MI coaching and MI certification consultation.


Sometime people ask about how they can support 
the free practice groups and classes

Your enthusiasm keeps me going!
Feel free to buy me a smoothie if your would like :)

About MI Fast-track
MI Coaching with Sky Kershner, MINT Certified Trainer

MI Fast-track offers individual and small group sessions at times that fit your schedule.This is the fastest way to increase your MI skillfulness


  1. Cost: $40 per twenty minutes of individual coaching. We sometimes combine indiviual sessions into small groups, so you have more time to practice

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Discounts may be available, contact me
Refunds are available up to 24 hours before the appointment




Sky Kershner is a Member of MINT
and a MINT Certified Trainer