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Free Zoom Practice Sessions meet on Zoom every Monday and Friday at 9am Eastern Daylight Time (GMT - 4).


Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience level. That said, brand new people may feel a little frustrated, confused, or lost at first. Our learners tend to get more out of the group if they have some basic understanding of the MI model. (see more below).

Lots of learning with peers from all over the world. Join in from a laptop, desktop or even by phone. Sessions are 50 minutes long. The best experience will be from a laptop or a device that has a keyboard, since we sometimes use the chat functions as well as screen sharing.


We always use the same zoom room link,  contact Sky for the link.


MI Practice Sessions are a great way to learn how to apply MI techniques to real-life situations.


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Register here for MI Pratice and Intro Workshops


MI Practice Sessions help participants develop Motivational Interviewing skillfulness by practicing MI conversations in a small group setting with peer learners.


In each session, a participant presents a situation where they got stuck using MI. As a group, we start seeing what it would be like to bring an MI informed conversation to the mix. We discuss possible MI strategies, and then try them out in conversations with each other. Members reflect on their conversations and get positive feedback regarding the felt outcome of each conversation. The atmosphere is designed to be one of safety, high interest, and mutual learning.


We meet over zoom. It works best when each participant has their own camera and microphone. Laptops and desktops also work best since we sometimes use screen share, polling, and the chat functions.


Each session stands alone, so come when you can, as often as you like, weekly or monthly or in-between, it’s up to you.  Sessions are 50 minutes long.


Do I need to know MI first?
Not really, though it will help. Usually practice sessions are most effective after someone has participated in some sort of Intro to MI training workshop. Completely new folks are welcome to observe first before trying to participate. 

Want to take an MI workshop? Check out the Calendar page


Can I bring a group with me?
MI Practice sessions work best when learners are self-motivated, so requiring a team, group, or staff to come to an MI practice session might be counter-productive. We support individuals who want to learn. 

MI practice sessions can be very useful for a group after the group has gone through an MI Intro training together. This way they can learn together. Members of a group will each need to have their own camera and mic. It does not work well when people are sharing a camera and mic.


We offer free MI Intro workshops from time to time. Register here to get the earliest notice of when the next one is coming up.

Check out the Calendar page


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MI Practice Fast-Track
Sky also offers small practice group experiences so you can maximize your learning in a small group setting with individualized coaching. This is a great way to work on your MI credentials


MI Fast-track small group practice