WV-MI Network of Coaches


WV-Network Coaches are Motivational Interviewing practitioners who have demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in MI, with both clients and with MI learners.


WV-MI Coaches strive to coach MI by modeling MI in their coaching approach. Many of our WV-MI Coaches are working on the next level of credentialing, to become a member of the MINT,


MINT is the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers. The MINT is a network of 1500 MI international trainers. 


Interested in becoming a WV-MI Coach? Click here for more info WV-MI Certificate Training


WV-MI Coaches (completed 15 min WV-MI Coaching Certificate)

Kristy Stout, WV Birth to Three, Princeton, WV



Honorary WV-MI Coaches Include

Roberta Enright, MINT, Vermont

Patrick Bennett, MINT, PA

Jenny Elliot, MINT, Ohio



WV-MI Coach Candidates (completed 10 min WV-MI Advanced Certificate)

Aaron G Scott


WV-MI Champions (completed 5 min WV-MI Beginners Certificate)

Ruth Trembula

Tabitha Coffindaffer

Regina (Mel) Woodcock




Many thanks to WV-Bureau of Behavioral Health
and the Danya Inst and Central East ATTC for their generous support of these efforts.